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Yarn Vase

By The Chew Crew | Mar 11th, 2014

Yarn Vase|Make a chic vase using leftover cans from your favorite potato chips!|Clinton shows you how to make a chic vase using leftover cans from your favorite crunchy potato chips.

Potato Chip Can
Double Stick Tape
Xacto knife
Craft Glue
Plastic Water Bottle

1. First, eat all the chips and clean inside of can thoroughly
2. Use can whole, or cut down. Measure, Mark and cut using xacto knife or serrated knife.
3. Apply doubles stick tape
4. Keep it simple with one color, create a rainbow or mix a few shades to create Ombre*!
*Ombre is a few different shades of one color. You can start at the bottom of the can using the darkest to the lightest.
5. Start at the bottom of the can and wind the yarn around. Continue to wrap.
6. Continue this way until you are ready to change colors, then cut the yarn & press cut end firmly against the tape.
7. Begin new color where last color left off.
8. Continue until you run out of can, make final yarn cut and press cut end firmly onto tape.