Clinton'c Craft Corner: Do It Yourself Earrings, Frames and Snowflakes

May 18th, 2012

Check out some of the viewers favorite crafts.

Elaine Hardman’s Can Earrings:

What You Need:
Metal Cans

Buffing Material

Whole Punch



How To Make Them

  1. Cut apart metal cans into flat rectangles.
  2. Cut metal into desired shape.
  3. Finish the edges to make them safe and buff out sharp edges.
  4. Rivet pieces together to make earrings.
  5. Either punch hole in the top and loop through a pre-made earring hook or super glue post back onto earring backside.

Susan Stevenson’s Fun Frame

What You Need:
Old Fame
White Paint

Chicken Wire

How To Make It:

  1. Take a bare, sanded old frame and paint white, then let dry.
  2. Distress the dried edges with sandpaper to give an antiqued look.
  3. Using heavyduty staples, staple square chicken wire on the inside back of the frame.
  4. Add either a hook or a string of wire to the top of the frame’s back to make it hang on the wall.

Sue Baldowski’s Snowflake

What You Need:

Plastic Holders
Rubber Band


How To Make It:

  1. Gather 20 6-pack plastic holders, clean and lay flat.
  2. Using a stapler, bring the holders together into sets of 2 holders turned out and stapled into a pointed cylinder.
  3. Staple the 10 points together to form the star.
  4. Attach a rubberband or string hanger to the top of one point to hang up.