Clinton's Craft Corner: Easter Egg Crafts

Apr 5th, 2012

Easter is just days away and it’s time to round up the kids and start dying eggs. Before you get started check out some of Clinton’s simple tips to make beautiful marbleized eggs.

What You Need:

Hard Boiled Eggs
Different colors of food dye
Olive Oil
Paper Towels
A bowl of warm water without dye
Bowls of water with 2 tablespoons vinegar each

How To Make Them:

1. Mix together three cups of warm water in shallow bowls with two tablespoons of vinegar and ten drops of food coloring. Whisk the ingredients together well.

2. Submerge your eggs and leave them in the dye until they reach the desired color.

One thing we learned is that it is better to have a lighter color as the base color so the second layer of color will take well on your eggs.

3. Gently pat your eggs dry with a paper towel, allow to fully dry.

4. To the dye that you have already prepared, add one tablespoon of olive oil.

5. Using a fork, run your fork through the oil to break it into pieces to create the solution to roll your eggs.

6. As the oil swirls, roll dyed eggs once through a contrasting color, allowing the oil to pick up and create another layer of color on eggs. Blot gently with paper towels and let dry completely.