Clinton's Craft: Seashell Mirror

Jul 13th, 2012
Shell mirrors are currently retailing for $600 at home furnishings store.  This one will cost you less than $20!

What You Need:

A Frameless Mirror
Shells and other Sand Decorations
Spray paint
Glue Gun


How to Make It:

Sanitize shells by soaking in bleach and water overnight.

Sanitize sand and sand dollars by baking in oven for 3-4 hours at 200.

Color sand by soaking it in food coloring and water for several hours.

Spray paint sea shells in pastels or metallic colors

If you’re using sand glue it to the surface.

Place shells in pattern on mirror or frame.

Start by gluing largest shells onto mirror.  Then layer on the medium shells and fill in the empty spaces with smaller shells.