Clinton's Craft Corner: Clinton's Takeout Lantern

Aug 3rd, 2012
The next time you order Chinese takeout, don’t throw away the container!
You can turn these containers into easy, inexpensive lanterns that are perfect for your next backyard barbecue.

What You Need:

Chinese takeout containers
Hole punches
Twine or ribbon

How To Make It:

1. Flatten out the container.

2. Sketch design with pencil.  Use ruler to help with straight lined designs.

3.  Punch out your design with a hole punch.  Use a hand held or hammer punch.  Flip hole puncher upside down to find the holes and use  your palm to press the punch against the table. Be sure to enlarge your twine holes

4. Paint container. Use sponge to add texture and layer colors to add dimension.

5.  Reassemble, add led tea light candle and hang with twine or ribbon