Craft Corner: Make Your Own Chocolate Bunny

Apr 6th, 2012

This bunny is a fun project the whole family can take part in. Just follow pastry chef Jacques Torres' simple steps to make it and have fun!

What You Need:

2 copies of the stencil (click here to get it)
Tempered chocolate
Parchment Paper
Cookie Sheet
Pairing Knife
Powdered Food Coloring
Gel Food Coloring

How to Make It:

1. Print two copies of stencil; cut the entire image from one, and the smaller details from the other.

2. Pour tempered milk chocolate on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and chill in refrigerator for 10 minute, just enough for the chocolate to crystallize, but not become hard. Repeat process for white chocolate. To make colored chocolate, use fat-soluble powdered food coloring and mix with tempered white chocolate.

3. Remove the chocolate from the fridge and trace large stencil onto milk chocolate, and smaller stencils onto white and colored chocolate with a utility or paring knife.

4. "Glue" smaller stenciled details on large chocolate image with tempered chocolate.

5. Decorate the chocolate with tempered dark chocolate in a piping bag, or gel food coloring (applied with a paint brush).