Seton Hurson Rossini's Edible Art

Sep 6th, 2012
Where did the idea to do a succulent cupcake come from?

I keep killing all of these plants. You can’t kill a succulent and they were sold out everywhere! Found them, thought they looked like cupcakes.

You're making edible art, what inspired your to do that?
I’m a graphic designer and I love to paint. I thought I would be an artist.. combining art and baking .. why do they have to be separate? Everything I design or think about is about food .. crowd pleasing and entertaining. Everyone in my family and friends gets tested on. I love Rothko, I love museums and art.

How did your cake business take off?

I started making cakes and bringing them into work. Would you make my anniversary or sister’s cake? I started taking and making custom cake orders.  So I had a full time job and a side business at night and on the weekends. It was crazy!  I love making basic cakes, but there is so much more to do.  Making a custom cake is hard for people to do at home, that’s why I want to make the blog inspirational.

Your husband got roped into helping out with the cake business. How did that work out?

My husband was thrown into it with me. He is my sous-chef. We appeared on the Food Network -Extreme Challenge – Cakes and I brought my husband and it was a disaster.  At the end of the day, we still loved one another.  He’s learning a lot and has caught the baking bug like I have.

Where does your love to cooking come from?

I don’t have any classical training and have been making mistakes since I was a little girl. I have a big family, my mom is one of 16 and I’m one of 5 .. the kitchen is always packed.  My brothers and sisters and I were always experimenting.  My mom is an exceptional cook, breakfast, lunch and dinner always made by mother. We never ordered out. She made every meal for a family of 7.  My mom is creative and cost-effective.   Importance of being in the kitchen set really early for me.  I tried to set myself apart from the rest of the family with baking. I’m very grateful to my parents for allowing me to try out my recipes.

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