Homemade Christmas Cards

By The Chew Crew | Nov 29th, 2012

Before you send your holiday cards this year, Clinton’s got some tips, tricks, do's and don’t's that will make your card stand out from the rest of the stack this season.

Sign Off
If you’re ordering your cards online the least you could do is sign it by hand!

Get Crafty
Make simple construction paper stencils.  To get Clinton’s templates click on the links below.

For PDFs
Tree and snowman

Tree and snowman

Then lay the stencil down on paper and use and use a spray of your choice.  Clinton suggests a white spray paint to mimic the look of snow.  Or if you prefer the evergreen branches or leaves to give a natural look try a green or brown spray.

The Right Christmas Photo
No one wants to see you sprawled across your Lamborghini in front of your mansion with your horse standing next to you, okay?

Instead make your own photo cards with elegant or funny photos.  You can buy photo paper at any office supply store, print them out, and trim into a square.

Cards Kids Will Love
Have a little fun with your cards.  Make a googly-eyed reindeer!  Use a brown stamp to make the faces, affix googly eyes and noses with glue and then, draw on your antlers!  Your nieces, nephews, kids and grandkids are all sure to love it.