The Chew Co-hosts Create Halloween Crafts: Try Them at Home Today!

By The Chew | Oct 27th, 2016
The Chew co-hosts and viewer Lauren create some scary fun with Flower Pot Creatures and Heads in a Jar. Try out these fun and easy Halloween crafts today. 

 Flower Pot Creatures

Materials Needed:

- Flower Pots
- Paint & Paint Brushes
- Cardstock
- Pipe Cleaners
- Scissors 
- Hot Glue


- Paint pots to preferred color for desired creature.
- Squeeze multiple paint colors over pots for drizzled look.
- Use cardstock to create facial features.

Heads In A Jar

Materials Needed:

- Sealable Jar
- Printed Photo, Sized To Your Jar
- Water
- Food Coloring
- Crafting Moss
- Burlap


- Cut image to fit jar & place inside
-  Fill jar with moss & burlap, then add water & food coloring

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