Clinton's Wine Cork Crafts

Sep 13th, 2012
Did you ever wonder what to do with you leftover wine corks?  Clinton’s got the answer with two fun crafts.

Wine Cork Table Runner or Placemats

Use those leftover corks to make a beautiful table runner or placemats depending on how many corks you have.

What You Need:

Wine corks – use ones you already have or get them at a craft store
Cigar cutter or utility knife
Hot Glue Gun

How to Make It:

Start by cutting your corks into four or five pieces each. Try to make the pieces all similar heights.

Then start gluing the pieces together into any shape you want. Make sure you’re gluing on an even surface so when you’re done, you can flip it over and it’ll be nice and flat.

You can also dye your corks overnight in any leftover red wine if you want to add some color to the finished product.

If you do make something as large as a table runner, you can divide it into separate pieces so they can be easily stored. Then just assemble them together on your table.

Cork Placeholders

If the table runner isn’t your think make cork placeholders.

What You Need:

Wine Corks

How to Make It:

Just take six corks and glue them together. Then wrap some twine around them.

Take photos of each of your guests and place them between the corks.