It's the Third Annual Chew/View Cook-Off

By Aaron Welsh | Apr 2nd, 2015

It’s the ultimate battle of tongs vs. tongues as the hosts of ABC’s the View and The Chew compete in the third annual View/Chew cook-off! Daphne and Mario Cantone served as hosts of this competition that tasked the teams to create the tastiest dish for $10 or less.

Check or the recipes the pairs made and scroll to see who won!

Mario and Whoopi's Salsa Roja Steak Tacos
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Clinton and Stacy's Chicken Francese with Lemon Pasta
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Carla and Rosie's Groundnut Stew
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Michael and Nicole's Zucchini Keftedes
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The Winner is Crowned!
Daphne and Mario Cantone tasted each dish and crowned the winner! Who was it? Hint, the cohosts names rhyme with Parla and Suzie!