Last Minute Halloween Costumes

By Aaron Welsh | Oct 30th, 2014

Don’t worry if you forgot to buy a costume this year; Clinton’s got 3 amazing ideas that’ll have you up and running for your party in no time at all!

1. Start with an all-blue outfit.
2. Take an old frame and attach a power strip to the top with hot glue.
3. Print a photograph of a chicken and insert it into the frame.
4. (OPTIONAL) Add a beret and some fried chicken to snack on all night long!

1. Start with an all-pink outfit. If you don’t have much pink in your wardrobe, start with white and add a pink tee shirt or pink accessories. (It’s a perfect opportunity to use that white tee-shirt you accidentally washed with your colors, turning it pink!)
2. For ears, cut pink paper or felt into ear shapes and hot glue them to an old headband.
3. (A) For the snout, cut a 2-inch piece of paper towel roll and paint it pink. (B) Paint a large bottle cap pink and fit onto the end of the roll. (C) Glue painted roll & bottle cap together then add a piece of elastic to secure it to your face.
4. Wrap yourself in a blanket.

1. Start with a solid tank top that’s close to your skin tone.
2. Find a bra a few sizes too big and stuff the cups.
3. Fill bra cup with spice containers and hot glue them all over the outside (Use plastic containers to keep costume light).