More to Chew On: Chicken Myths Debunked

By The Chew Crew | Oct 18th, 2013

Got chicken on the brain? According to the National Chicken Council, chicken is the most consumed protein in America. Before you grill, sauté, and braise those chicken thighs, you must hear the latest news in chicken prep.

According to the USDA, as many as 90% of people rinse their raw bird. The USDA, however, has been saying for years that you should NOT rinse your chicken. And, finally, the USDA’s advice is being recognized as science has recently debunked one of chicken’s greatest myths: washing your chicken. Specifically, research from Drexel University has officially put to rest the myth that you need to wash your chicken before cooking. In fact, the study says that washing your chicken actually spreads MORE germs from the chicken around your kitchen by contaminating your sink and nearby kitchen tools. Believe it or not, but the study suggests bacteria can fly up to 3 feet away from where the meat is rinsed. The take-away? Given that cooking chicken kills the bacteria, you shouldn’t waste your time washing your bird.

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