More To Chew On: Living With Your Parents

By The Chew Crew | Sep 12th, 2013

In the old days, moving home wasn’t an option when you graduated from college. Boy how time has changed. According to a recent study, 36% of the nation’s young adults between the ages of 18 to 31 – the Millennial generation – are currently living at home with their parents! What’s even crazier, is The Wall Street Journal recently reported that 10% of the Millenial generation have their parents accompany them to a job interview, while 3% admitted to having their parents sit in during the actual interview!

When Michael graduated from college, his dad gave him two days to live at home before he was kicked out. So, Michael ended up staying at his friend’s house until he found a job. Clinton, however, stayed at home for a bit longer than Michael, but his parents asked him every single day when he was planning to move out!

Tell Us What You Think: Is it okay for post-grads to move home with their parents after college? If so, how long is too long?