More to Chew On: The Ban on Chocolate Milk

By The Chew Crew | Sep 27th, 2013

Bet you didn’t know today was national chocolate milk day, did you? In honor of this momentous occasion, treat your child to a glass of velvety smooth chocolate milk, especially considering the debate on whether chocolate milk should be allowed in school continues to rage.

Chocolate milk has become the center of an intense health debate. Some health experts believe chocolate milk contributes to childhood obesity, which has led many schools districts, such as The Los Angeles School District, to place limits on the sale of the beverage or ban it outright. Doctors and nutritionists, however, are against the ban because they believe kids need the calcium.

The Chew Crew decided to weigh in on this debate. While Michael thinks all the sugar in chocolate milk is the problem, Daphne explains that the fat in milk buffers the sugar release into the bloodstream. Fat-free milk, though, gives kids a sugar rush, resulting in an energy crash before the end of the school day.

Tell Us What You Think: Should chocolate milk be banned from schools? Is it a safe beverage for our kids?