More to Chew On: The Chew Crew Is Crazy About Food Trucks

By The Chew Crew | Sep 4th, 2013

Let us get something straight, if you think ice cream trucks are as good as food trucks can get, then you’re in for a major surprise. According to USA Today, there are over 3 MILLION food trucks in America! Georgia and Washington D.C. are home to some of the coolest displays of these traveling restaurants.

In Georgia, there’s the Atlanta Food Truck Park, which is a 3 acre lot that is packed with the city's hottest food trucks. There's a rotating list of over 30 trucks to choose from. In Washington D.C., there’s Franklin Square where over 15 food trucks park to feed the hungry stomachs of our nation's capitol. Who's coming with us?

Tell Us What You Think: From Mac ‘N’ Cheese trucks to Lobster Roll trucks, what is your favorite type of food truck?