The Chew Co-hosts January Jump-Start Daily Logs

By The Chew | Jan 10th, 2018

The Chew co-hosts are a week into their January Jump-Start. Over the next 21 days, they are working to achieve a health and/or fitness goal. Carla Hall is focusing on her cardio so she no longer gets winded when running to a flight or a bus. Carla's challenge is to do the 16 flights of steps at her apartment building every day. Michael Symon's goal, as he suffers from arthritis, was to get on an anti-inflammatory diet and work on his gut health. He is achieving this through an elimination diet over the next 21 days. Clinton Kelly's goal is to do something physical every day as he wants to lead an active lifestyle. Check out the co-hosts progress by downloading their daily logs below.

Download Michael Symon's Daily Log here
Download Cara Hall's Daily Log here
Download  Clinton Kelly's Daily Log here