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Mixed Colored Carrots with Preserved Lemon Butter and Honeycomb

Gabrielle Hamilton
Servings: 4
1 to 30 min

Gabrielle Hamilton of NYC's Prune shares a flavor packed side using from her restaurant using everyone's favorite root vegetable.

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Mixed Colored Carrots with Preserved Lemon Butter and Honeycomb
  • Peel the Carrots with Y-peeler. Long fluid strokes please - do not chisel away at them.
  • Parcook briefly in salted boiling water; drain gently through a perforated hotel pan, taking care that they don't get nicked and dented.
  • We have nothing here but Carrots and butter, so let's show we know how to work in a kitchen and take care of our ingredients.
  • During service, keep a dinner napkin draped in your hot water bath and lift Carrots out at each order by using your napkin as a kind of gurney or stork's bundle. Turn them out into shallow 1/3 pan and roll them in a generous spoonful of preserved Lemon Butter. Tip and slide the Carrots right onto the plate without using a utensil. Arrange with your fingers into an organized casual pyramid.
  • Cut a drippy, oozing tablet of Honeycomb and set on top at the pass.
  • A small pinch of Maldon to finish - be careful with the salt-sugar balance, keeping in mind the Carrots themselves are sweet.
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