Young Willa Warren

played by Madeleine Arthur
Character Biography

Willa Warren, the Warren’s perfect, tightly laced daughter, has never shaken her childhood guilt over letting Adam disappear on her watch and has become deeply religious in the ten years since it happened. In an effort to make up for the pain she's caused her family, she's thrown herself into shaping Claire's powerful political career, often at the expense of her own personal life. Smart, ruthless and cutting, Willa's cool and calm exterior often fools her rivals who never think to question what secrets of her own she's hiding.

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Actor Biography

Madeleine Arthur’s passion for acting started when she was just six. She continues to grow as an actress every day. Arthur is best known for her roles as Christoph Waltz’s and Amy Adams' daughter in the Golden Globe-winning Tim Burton film, Big Eyes. She is also known for her recurring role in CW’s The Tomorrow People

Arthur’s career has included guest star appearances in CW’s huge hit Supernatural and the Hubs Films’ Spooksville and The Haunting Hour. She has also enjoyed working on small independent films and shorts.

Arthur has a background in violin and gymnastics, both competing and coaching. During high school she was an executive member of Best Buddies, a club where she helped people with disabilities. She recently graduated with honours and was valedictorian for her graduating year.

Arthur loves to learn about and experience different cultures; she speaks French as her second language and is working on Spanish as her third. She likes to participate in mountain and ocean activities when she can in her native town of Vancouver, B.C.

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