Murray Goldberg

Played by Jeff Garlin
Character Biography

Gruff but loveable, hot-tempered but never scary, Murray Goldberg has a different style of being a Dad.  Calling you a "moron", for example, is just how he parents.  But if you understand "Murray Speak" you know it comes from a place of love.  Murray is constantly and hilariously struggling to stay calm.  He's triggered by a pin drop.  He embodies the role of "dad" with no shame.  The minute he gets home, his pants come off and he struts around in tightie-whities.  Murray had big dreams of playing football.  He even went to Penn State on a scholarship, which didn't pan out.  Now Murray runs the "Ottoman Empire", the family furniture business, where, if he's not lounging on the merchandise, he's peddling it.  When the work day is over, Murray comes home weary and ready to plop down in front of the TV for some Magnum PI.  Some might say he's hen-pecked by Beverly, but Murray is fine with their relationship.  He is utterly dependent on Beverly; he literally can't even make a sandwich without her input.

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Actor Biography

Jeff Garlin's talent encompasses writing, producing, directing, acting and performing stand-up comedy. He is best known as Larry David's manager on the critically acclaimed HBO comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, for which he is also an executive producer.

In 2007 Garlin adapted his solo stage show I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With into an independent film. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to critical acclaim and was a successful independent release for IFC. His second feature as writer, director and star, dealin' with idiots, was released by IFC in July 2013. He's also an executive producer on the documentary Finding Vivian Maier.

Garlin has extensive feature acting credits, including Disney-Pixar's Academy Award-winning films WALL-E (The Captain) and Toy Story 3 (Buttercup the Unicorn).

In 2012, he released a book, Curbing It (Simon & Schuster), in which he shares his eye-opening journey to reduce his waistline and his carbon footprint during the production of the seventh season of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Garlin hosts a live show at the Largo theatre in Los Angeles entitled "By the Way - In Conversation with Jeff Garlin" that has become a popular podcast. Guests have included Larry David, Conan O'Brien, Zach Galifianakis, Will Ferrell, J.J. Abrams, Lena Dunham, Michael Moore, Jeff Tweedy and Judd Apatow among others.

Garlin lives in Los Angeles and Chicago with his wife and two sons. His hobbies include taking naps.

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