S1 E01 Circle of Driving

09/24/13 | PG | CC

STORY ONE: Barry Can't Wait To Drive

Barry just turned 16 and cannot wait to drive.  He hopes that Murray and Beverly bought him a new car for his birthday present.

Memorable Quotes:

Barry:  "It's jingling. It's keys.  Keys means car.  Car means freedom from all you monsters.  I love you Mom…What the hell is this?"

Beverly: "It's a locket.  It's got my picture inside so you can always have your mother near your heart…Sweetie you're just not ready to drive.  You're too immature and quite honestly a little high strung."

Barry:  "I AM NOT HIGH STRUNG!  I'm strung just fine like a tennis racket or a banjo"



STORY TWO: Pops Teaches Adam About Girls

Adam is navigating the world of girls.  Lucky for him, he has his grandfather to help him.

Memorable Quotes:

Adam:  "Did you hear that?  She just called me Alan."

Pops: "That's not your name"

Adam: "I'll change it.  I'm Alan now.  Pops you're a genius.  Thank you Jedi Master"



STORY THREE:  Pops Shouldn't Drive

Pops is aging but doesn't want his driving privileges taken away.

Memorable Quotes:

Pops: "Can I go now?  I've got a date with Shirley Nagel.  She's got twelve grandkids so you know she puts out.

Murray:  "Cut the crap Albert.  Ok? Cut it!  It's all life.  You lose your keys, Barry gets some keys.  It's the circle of driving."


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