S1 E02 Daddy Daughter Day

10/01/13 | PG | CC

Story One: Murray tries to reconnect with Erica

Murray lost touch with his 'little girl', Erica, once she started growing up.  Murray takes her to the roller rink to try and rekindle their daddy-daughter relationship.

Memorable Quotes:

Beverly:  "Barry's right.  It's like ever since Erica got boobs, you have no idea how to deal with her.  I mean you don't even yell at her anymore"

Murray: "Stop.  I yell at her all the time"

Beverly:  "Oh really?  When was the last time you called her a moron?"

Murray: "Hey, she knows I think she's a moron.  I don't have to say it."

Beverly: "Yes you do.  She'll never know unless you tell her"




STORY TWO: Adam Goes Back to School Shopping

Beverly takes Adam to get clothes for the new school year.  Unfortunately, Beverly's choice in clothing includes trains and matching hats.  Adam asks Pops to help him buy a new wardrobe.

Memorable Quotes:

Adam:  "I know! "

Pops: "Who puts a train on a sweater? It makes no sense."

Adam: "I don't even like trains!"

Pops: "The sweater says you do."

Adam: "The sweater is a lie!"



Story Three:  Barry's Roller Rink Secret

While Murray and Erica are at the roller rink, they discover where Barry goes on the weekends.

Memorable Quotes:

Barry:  "It's not a club! It's a Group! and it doesn't exist! It was just my cover."

Erica:  "You know, usually you cover something embarrassing with something less embarrassing."

Barry:  "Your face is embarrassing! I've been coming here for two months. Skating helps me blow off steam. Y'know, I roll it out."

Barry:  "Go ahead, laugh. It doesn't bother me here. That's the great thing about this place -- I get respect"

Murray:  "A seven-year-old just high fived him!"

Barry:  "He's nine and a half! Nope. Roll with it Barry. Just roll it out."


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