S1 E03 Mini Murray

10/08/13 | PG | CC

Story One: A Lesson in Money

Murray hires Barry at the store to teach him the value of money.  Barry may have taken the lesson too seriously.

Memorable Quotes:

Beverly: "You fired your own son?"

Murray:  "Oh boy…"

Barry:  "Damn right he fired me.  And you know why?  Because he's jealous…"

Beverly: "Ok.  We're done yelling here.  Let's all calm down."

Barry:  "Oh I'm done.  I'm done with you.  I'm done with the store.  And I'm done with furniture.  Forever"

Murray:  "What does that even mean?"

Barry:  "I reject all furniture.  I'm going up to my room and getting rid of everything.  I'll never be comfortable again."




STORY TWO: Adam Goes to a Scary Movie

Adam tricks Pops into going to a scary movie but Beverly ultimately makes him pay the price.

Memorable Quotes:

Adam:  "Thanks for sleeping over Pops."

Pops: "I'm sorry I didn't come sooner.  No man should have to bunk up with his mom for a week.  No Man."

Adam: "But what happens when you leave?  You can't protect me forever."


STORY THREE: Erica Uncovers the Truth

Erica negotiates approval to a party after she catches Beverly playing a trick on Adam.

Memorable Quotes:

Erica:  "Why did you take the remote outside?"

Beverly:  "It's not what you think"

Erica: "I think you're scaring Adam so he'll give you hugs"

Beverly:  "It might be what you think. But is that so wrong?"

Erica: "Yes it's wrong.  Very very wrong."

Beverly:  "Well it never would have had to come to this if I didn't have to beg for affection from my own children."


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