S1 E04 Why're You Hitting Yourself

10/15/13 | PG | CC

STORY ONE: Adam and Barry Work Together

Adam and Barry find a hidden channel on TV that helps bring them together.

Memorable Quotes:

After Adam and Barry get Erica to go back to her room, the two try to get back the scrambled channel.

Barry:  "No no no no!  It's gone!  What happened?"

Adam: "Calm down. We've just got to retrace our steps!"

After they're able to get the scrambled station back:

Barry:  "Good work, kid."

Adam:  "Okay, let's just stay like this forever.  Agreed?"

Barry:  "Agreed."




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STORY TWO: Beverly The Matchmaker

Beverly plays matchmaker with Pop's love life.

Memorable Quotes:

While Beverly is taking notes of Pop's ideal woman.

Beverly:  "You're going to want someone with a great sense of humor, but doesn't steal the show.  She should be sweet and cute and –"

Pops: "—have a tush like two scoops of vanilla ice cream."

Beverly: "Dad...."

Pops: "Could be chocolate."

Beverly: "Are you going to take this seriously?"

Pops: "I'm trying to, but you're not letting me"

Beverly: "Okay, fine.  Tell me what you want."

Pops: "Alright she should be dangerous.  Alluring.  And smart.  Like really smart.  Mensa smart.  But when it comes to making sensible decisions, she should be kind of dumb."



Murray: "You do realize your dad's just giving you busy work to keep you off his back, right?

Beverly:  "I know that.  Do you really think that I'm really looking for a smart but dumb Chinese acrobat? "

Murray:  "I hope so."

Beverly:  "My father has given me the opportunity to find him his dream woman.  So I'm going to find him my dream woman."

Murray:  "Why? He's having a blast.

Beverly: "Is he really happy?"

Murray: "Yes! Very!"



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