S1 E05 The Ring

10/22/13 | PG | CC

STORY ONE: Murray's Previous Fiance

Barry and Erica find the love letters that Murray had written for his ex-Fiancé.  Erica questions Beverly about how romantic Murray was back in the day.


Memorable Quotes:

Murray:  “Bevy before you say anything.  Just know I thought I threw this box out years ago when Anita sent it back to me…it means nothing to me ”

Beverly: “I can’t I’m sorry.  I thought I could keep a straight face but I can’t.”

Murray:  “So you’re not mad at me?”

Beverly: “No.  I’m worried.  How are your loins?  Have they stopped burning?...Is your heart still aflutter?  Adorable!”

Erica:  “So you’re not even a little bit jealous?”

Beverly: “Please.  I won.  I bagged my moose.”

Murray:  “See.  She doesn’t give a crap.  That’s what a strong marriage is…mutual not giving a crap.”



STORY TWO: Adam Goes to Pops for More Advice

Adam seeks more love advice from Pops.  Adam decides to take Pops advice too seriously which puts him in a difficult situation.

Memorable Quotes:

After Adam makes his big romantic gesture.

Pops: “Calm down kiddo.  We can fix this.”

Adam: “We can’t.  I serenaded her brother.  I dropped my boom box.  And I soaked my Lloyd Dobler coat. ”

Pops: “I understood none of that.  Did you take my advice?”

Adam: “Yes.  A big gesture.  I stood outside her window and blasted music at her.”

Pops: “Why would you do that?”

Adam: “You told me to.”

Pops: “I mean take her out for a milkshake.”

Adam: “How is a milkshake a big gesture?”

Pops: “For you it’s a big gesture.”

Adam: “You should’ve been more specific!”


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STORY THREE: Murray Gave Beverly a Used Ring

After some investigating, Beverly and Erica discover that Murray reused the ring from his first engagement.  Murray is forced to get Beverly a new ring.


Memorable Quotes:

Beverly:  “How could you give me her ring?”

Murray:  “What.  What do you think?  I’m made of diamonds? You can’t just return these.”

Beverly:  “Well I have no problem returning this one.”

Murray:  “Bevy let’s talk about this.  Listen if it’ll make you feel any better.  I will get you a new ring.”

Beverly: “Great.  Get me a new ring.”

Murray: “WHAT?!?  You can’t say that.  How would I get you a new ring?”

Beverly: “It was your idea”
Murray:  “Yeah.  But I’m filled with terrible ideas.  I gave you a used ring for god’s sake.”

Beverly: “Wow Murray you are so romantic…”

Murray:  “Fine.  I’ll get you a new ring!”

Beverly: “FINE!”



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