S1 E06 Who Are You Going to Telephone?

10/29/13 | PG | CC

STORY ONE: Adam Hangs Out with the Wrong Crowd.

Adam hangs out with troublemakers instead of going trick-or-treating with Pops.  He pays the price when he's caught egging his own house.


Memorable Quotes:

After Adam gets caught egging his own house:

Murray:  "You attacked your own house… your family's house…with eggs.  No more omelets for you! All of your egg privileges…gone!"

Pops: "Sorry kid can't help you.  I just wanted a good clean fun night of ghost bustering."

Murray:  "And you know what else?  You're grounded.  You are so grounded.  3 weeks and don't think I'm not confiscating all your candy from you…Mine."

Adam: "I didn't get any."

Murray:  "This keeps getting better and better."            




STORY TWO: Erica Wants to See Barry Fail

Erica takes Barry to a Halloween party to see him get his heart crushed.


Memorable Quotes:

After Barry goes upstairs to grab a beach towel for the car ride.

Erica: "Lexy Bloom is going to love it."

Mom: "Lexy Bloom?  Who is Lexy Bloom?  I don't know any Lexy Bloom. "

Erica: "Just some girl that Barry is inviting to the homecoming dance."

Mom: "Oh!  That's wonderful."

Erica: "Yeah she's going to crush him."

Mom: "Erica why would you say something like that?"

Erica: "Well because Lexy models for JC Penny and Barry is the jolly green jack..."

Mom: "Hey.  Your brother is a sweet, smart, handsome boy and this Lexy Bloom would be lucky to date him.  Lucky! "

Erica: "Yeah.  I'll be sure to remind him of that when she tares his heart out tonight…"



STORY THREE: Beverly Goes to a High School Party

Beverly decides to go Lexy Bloom's Halloween party to save Barry from embarrassment.  Beverly gets too involved when Barry discovers her at Lexy's party.

Memorable Quotes:

Before Beverly leaves to the party:

Beverly:  "I better get over there"

Murray:  "Stop.  You're not going anywhere"

Beverly:  "I've got to get over there before that girl breaks his beautiful heart into itty bitty pieces."

Murray:  "Bevy you can't always bet there to protect the kid from heartbreak.

Beverly: "Why are you talking crazy? Of course I can."

Murray: "If you keep standing in his way, he will never grow up.  And he will never leave this place.  And damn it I will not allow that to happen."

Beverly: "I am his mother and I am going to protect him."
Murray:  "And I am protecting him from you.  Leave him alone!"

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