S1 E07 Call Me When You Get There

11/06/13 | PG | CC

Story One: Barry Must Follow the Rules

Barry has just received his license but must obey Beverly’s rules for driving.  Barry gets called out at the movie theater the first time he breaks the rule.


Memorable Quotes:

Beverly going over the driving rules with Barry while Murray reads the newspaper:

Beverly:  “Rule Number Seven:  total focus on the road.  No eating.  No passengers.  No music”

Barry: “What?”

Murray:  “No Music.”

Beverly: “Rule number eight.  Doors must be locked and windows rolled up at all times”

Murray:  “All times.”            

Barry: “That’s insane.”

Beverly:  “Which brings us to number nine, you only drive in safe areas that means stay within the green zone.”

Barry: “You got a map with plastic overlays?  Who does that?”

Beverly:  “I do”        





Story Two: Beverly Worries About Pops Falling Down.

Beverly gets Pops a device that helps him if he were ever to fall.  Pops is resistant to wear the device until he throws out his back.


Memorable Quotes:

After Beverly shows Pops the new device:

Pops: “Are you kidding me?  Why don’t you get me a sweater that says ‘I’m old’ and send me out to the duck pond to feed the ducks”

Beverly: “Dad you live alone.  What happens if you fall and cannot get up? ”

Pops: “In my whole life, I’ve never once have tripped, slipped or fallen.”

Adam: “Yeah this is an insult.”

Pops: “I’m rock solid.  Go ahead, sock me in the kidney. Do it.”

Adam: “Go ahead mom.  Hit grandpa.”

Pops: “Do it”

Beverly: “I’m not punching you in the kidney dad. You don’t want it?  Fine.  Be a burden on your family.”

Pops: “I will.”

Adam: “He will”




Story Three: Erica helps Barry get around the driving rules so he doesn’t screw up her privileges.


Memorable Quotes:

After Erica preps Barry to make up a story:

Erica:  “Just do what I told you to say. Don’t add anything and don’t embellish. ”

Barry:  “Hey Ma.  Listen.  I’ve been thinking and I wanted to say how sorry I am for not calling for you from the theater.”

Beverly:  “Thank you.  That’s very mature of you.  I appreciate it.”

Barry:  “And I appreciate you.  JI know I don’t say it enough but I love you girl.”

Beverly: “I’ll tell you what.  You’re going to get some extra stir fry tonight.”

Barry: “Oh I almost forgot could I go to Roger McFadden’s house tomorrow night?”

Beverly: “I love Roger McFadden”

Barry:  “I know you do.  That’s why I chose him…to teach me Spanish.  We have a quiz.  I’ll be home by 10, which is rule 4 I believe.”

Beverly: “That is muy bueno.”



After Barry makes it to the kegger in the woods:

Erica: “Wow.  My god.  Look who made it out of the green zone.”

Barry: “All thanks to you…Now point me to the phone and we’re good to go ”

Beverly: “What are you talking about?”

Barry:  “Gotta call mom.  Tell her I arrived safely at ‘Roger McFadden’s House’”

Erica: “There’s no phone here.  This is the kegger in the woods.  The Woods”

Barry: “Well there’s gotta be a house here somewhere.  I mean a lumber jack’s camp, a ranger’s station, a secret army base.”

Erica:  “How deep in the woods do you think we are?”

Barry: “I don’t know this is the orange zone.  I’ve never gone this far…”


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