S1 E09 Stop Arguing and Start Thanking

11/19/13 | PG | CC

STORY ONE: Beverly is Not Appreciated

Beverly wants to be appreciated for all her hard work on Thanksgiving.  She tries to bring everyone together and be thankful for all her cooking.

Memorable Quotes:

After Beverly is done preparing thanksgiving dinner.

Beverly:  “My job is done.  Maybe it’s time for you to do your jobs and spend the next few hours thinking about the thing or person that you’re most thankful for”

Erica:  “Bon Jovi’s Ass.”

Barry: “Darryl Dawkins.”

Adam:  “Harrison Ford.  He’s Indiana Jones, Han Solo and little known fact..he’s a trained carpenter.  He can make us a gazebo”

Beverly:  “Everyone out.  Go get dressed and think about your answers while I’m here slaving away.”     




STORY TWO: The New Champion

Adam beats his brother at something for the first time in his life.  Adam chooses to gloat.

Memorable Quotes:

Barry: “Ad-Rock.  Sup.  Listen I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and I have officially decided to acknowledge that you won the Barry Cup”

Adam: “The Adam Cup”

Barry: “Sure…Point is that I’m being a man and agreeing that you won.  You be a man and play me in ball-ball so I can win the trophy back.”

Adam: “Yeah here’s the thing about that.  I retired.

Barry: “What?!?”

Adam:  “I’ve basically done all I wanted to do on the ball ball court and now I’m looking to the future.”

Barry: “You can’t retire as champion.  It makes you champion forever.”

Adam: “Oooooh…I guess it does…”

Barry: “Fine.  I’ll beat you at something else basketball, hockey, darts, uno, clue, battleship, arm wrestling, thumb wrestling, real wrestling, play me in something so I can beat you at it”

Adam: “Are you sure you can beat me? Or has the power dynamic shifted and you will never win anything ever again?  From now ”

Barry: “Are you serious right now?”

Adam: “From now on, you’re not the big brother anymore.  I am.”



STORY THREE: Murray Looks After Marvin

Murray wants his brother Marvin to grow up and become more responsible. 

Memorable Quotes:

Marvin: “You probably going to want to clear some space out of your garage because you’re going to get a delivery of about 20 cases of this stuff on Monday.”

Murray: “Why would I want 20 cases of that crap?”

Marvin: “Because you invested.  Right that’s the deal.  You peddle the creams and then you recruit more people to expand your sales triangle.”

Murray: “Sales triangle?  Wait is this a damn pyramid scheme?”

Marvin: “No.  No there’s 26 tiers of sales.  The guys at the top, they make the most money and then it funnels down towards the base of the three dimensional triangle”

Murray:  “You literally just described a pyramid, you idiot”

Marvin: “I see what it is.  I’m finally doing well for myself so my brother of course thinks it’s some kind of scam.”

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