S1 E12 You're Under Foot

01/07/14 | PG | CC

STORY ONE: Adam Seeks Help

Adam invites a girl to his room for the first time but it ends promptly.  He seeks help from Barry and Erica on what went wrong.

Memorable Quotes:

After Beverly finds out what Adam did with his toys, she approaches Barry and Erica.

Beverly:  “What did you two idiots do?”

Erica:  “That could mean so many different things”

Beverly: “Why did my scrumptious little baby give all away all his toys?”

Adam:  “We just told him the truth mom.”

Barry:  “Yeah.  He’ll never get any action with his room full of toys” 

Beverly: “He doesn’t need any ACTION.  He’s a little boy.  I’m going there right now and getting his toys back.”

Erica:  “If you do, you’re going to cost him his first girlfriend.”

Beverly:  “He doesn’t need a girlfriend.  He’s got me.”

Barry:  “Ewww.”

Erica:  “Yuck.”

Beverly:  “I didn’t mean girl friend…I meant….main lady”

Barry:  “That is so much worse.”

Beverly:  “I meant woman in his life that he loves more than anyone else.”

Erica:  “Mom you’re in free fall pull the ripcord.”






STORY TWO: Pops is a Busy Body

Murray invites Pops back to the store to keep him away from Beverly.  Pops starts taking control of the store that he established.

Memorable Quotes:

Beverly: “There you are.  How did it go with my Dad?  Did you have a good time?”

Murray: “Give me a minute.  Can’t a man take off his pants.”

Beverly: “Have you been smoking?... A cigar?”

Murray: “Two with some low-end cognac.  Your Dad turned my discount furniture store into the Copa Cabana.  Ugh I’m nauseous.”

Beverly: “Well thank you for doing that”

Murray:  “You owe me.  I’d like some shrimp parm with extra shrimp and extra parm.”

Barry: “I thought you said you were nauseous.”

Murray: “I’ll fight through it.”





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