S1 E14 You Opened the Door

01/21/14 | PG | CC

STORY ONE: Adam’s First Dance

After Dana asks Adam to save a dance for her at the upcoming school dance, Adam is on a mission to learn how to dance.

Memorable Quotes:

Adam needs from his siblings help after he “opened the door” and received help from Beverly.

Adam:  “I slow danced with Mom.”

Erica:  “What??”

Adam:  “You heard me.”

Erica:  “What do you mean?  What are you saying?” 

Adam: “I slow danced with mom.”

Barry:  “You slow danced with mom?”

Adam:  “This doesn’t concern you!”

Barry:  “The hell it doesn’t.  You can’t go slow dancing with mom and expect me not to have lots of opinions on this controversial matter.”

Adam:  “It was a moment of weakness and she taught me how to dance and now she’s going to be a chaperone tonight and totally humiliate me”

Erica:  “Now you’ve opened the door.”

Adam:  “I know.  Just tell me how to close it.”

Barry: “There is no way!  Once the door is opened.  It stays open forever.”

Erica:  “I sent her a letter from camp saying that I was homesick and the next night she showed up in the top bunk.  Look this is a picture of us in a canoe together….Never again Adam.  Never again!”






STORY TWO: The Birds and the Bees

Beverly and Murray realize they haven’t given Barry the sex talk.

Memorable Quotes:

Murray: “So your mom found out that I never got around to giving you the talk”

Barry: “What talk?”

Murray: “The people making people talk.”

Barry: “Ohh that talk.”

Murray:  “Exactly.  So if she asks tell her we just had it.”

Barry: “But we didn’t.”

Murray: “We don’t need to.  I mean you’re a grown man and we don’t need to.”

 Barry: “Of course.  I do have one question.  Is it true you can get a girl pregnant if you French kiss a girl after midnight”

Murray:  “What are you talking about?”

Barry: “Like in the movie Gremlins.  If you kiss after midnight, the saliva goes into her tummy and because of her horomones and the moon six weeks later a baby comes out”

Murray: “Gremlins.  You think?!?  How can you even?!?!”

Barry: “Where are you going?”


Murray: “I’ve got to regroup.  I wasn’t prepared for this.  I need to prepare.”




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