S1 E15 Muscles Mirsky

02/04/14 | TV-PG | CC

STORY ONE: Boys and girls cannot just be friends.

Adam can’t decide if his childhood friend, Emmy, is more than just a friend.

Memorable Quotes:

Adam needs from his siblings help after he “opened the door” and received help from Beverly.

Adam:  “Harry and Sally are Lovers!”

Pops:  “I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about that.”

Adam:  “Emmy and I just watched it.  They end up together sucking on each other’s faces like moray eels”

Pops:  “Come to think of it.  I saw that movie with my friend Miriam and we just might have left early to well…you know don’t need to know why we left early.”

Adam: “What do I do now?  What do I do to get things back to normal with Emmy?”

Barry:  “You can’t.  The horse is out of the barn.”

Adam:  “What horse?”

Barry:  “The horse that goes by the name of Sexual Tension.  And there’s only one way to ease that tension.”

Adam:  “By remaining friends and not addressing it?”

Barry: “You’ve got to kiss her. See if there’s sparks.  Me and Lexi Bloom we’re dealing with the same issue.  It’s been tough.  I’m not going to lie.”

Adam:  “What are you talking about?  She didn’t even show up yesterday.”

Barry: “YEAH because she didn’t trust herself around me.”

Adam:  “Well it’s different between me and Emmy.  Pops tell him he’s nuts.”

Pops: “Kiddo.  You just got to follow your heart.”

Adam:  “What does that mean? Tell me.  Do I kiss her or not?”

Pops: “I don’t know.  You’ve asked the one question that men and women have debated since the dawn of time.  Nobody knows.”

Barry:  “I know.  It’s kissing time bro.”





STORY TWO: Trust Issues

Beverly feels the necessity to find out what Erica is doing all the time while Erica needs her mother to trust her.

Memorable Quotes:

Erica: “I’ll tell you what’s stupid.  I can’t go anywhere without my mother ruining my life.”

Barry: “All I was doing was shopping at the same mall as you.  All of a sudden that’s a capital crime?”

Erica: “Why are you always following me? I mean what is it you exactly think I’m up to?”

Beverly: “I don’t know that’s exactly why I was following you.”

Erica:  “So you admit it!”

Murray: “Enough!  You two have to work out your crap because it’s exhausting.”

Erica: “Dad is right.  I’m heading off to college in two years.  Do you really want to leave it like this?”

Beverly: “Of course not.  I love you more than any other human being on the planet.”

Erica:  “Then please just back off.  I need space.  I need trust.”

Beverly: “Fine.”



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