S1 E20 You're Not Invited

04/08/14 | TV-PG | CC

Story One: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Barry convinces Adam to change his laser tag birthday party to a make out party.


Memorable Quotes:

Barry:  Ok we turn the basement into a love den.

Adam: How?  It’s dark.  It’s dusty and it smells like your old sweaty hockey gear.

Barry:  Pheromones Bro! Ladies love it and we’ll light some incense.  We’ll deck it out with sexy accessories like Moroccan pillows, lava lamps and bongo drums.

Adam: I’m intrigued go on.

Barry:  We’ll serve the sexiest foods

Adam: Go on.

Barry: Oysters, soft cheeses…

Adam: Go on.

Barry: And Onion dip… nothing crunchy.  You know why? Crunchy isn’t sexy.

Adam:  Wait how do you eat onion dip if…

Barry: SPOONS!  Spoons are sexy.

Adam:  You obviously know what you’re talking about. 

Story Two: Murray wants to be a better Dad

Murray can never remember Adam’s birthday.  Pops tells him the importance of Adam’s birthday and how much it would meet to him.

Memorable Quotes:

Murray:  Hey my foot hurts what’s for breakfast?

Beverly:  Well we are celebrating you know who with “A” shaped pancakes.

Murray:  “A” it almost slipped my mind.  Al Capone.  Geraldo Rivera is opening Al Capone’s vault today live on television.  It’s like my birthday.

Adam:  Wow…

Beverly:  Ok Murray.  Stop playing around you know what day it is.

Murray:  It’s Baby…Baby out.  Baby day.  My son that is way more important that Al Capone.

Beverly:  Daddy and I also got you that.  (hands Adam present) Didn’t we Murr?

Murray:  Yeah.  Open it up.  It’s going to blow your mind.

Adam:  I’m not much for surprises.  Why don’t you tell me what you got me Murr?

Murray:  Oh no no no.  It’s a surprise…

Adam: Tell me what you got me.

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