The Goldbergs Quiz: A Totally '80s Pop Culture Trivia Challenge!

By Jim Donnelly | Oct 18th, 2016
The Goldbergs constantly remind us about all that was good about the '80s. See how well you know the best decade ever with this Totally '80s Pop Culture celebration!

Here's a quick rundown of why the '80s totally ruled! MTV, Wrestlemania, Baby Jessica, Madonna, Thriller, big hair, Members Only and more. Oh, and the movies were the best like Top Gun, Back to the Future, Say Anything..., Dirty Dancing, E.T., Die Hard, Footloose, Ghostbusters and anything by John Hughes. There are so many more including the often forgotten, but still awesome ones like The Sure Thing, The Last Starfighter, Overboard, Hot Pursuit, License to Drive, Roxanne, From the Hip, Hoosiers, Night of the Comet, Stakeout, Major League, Can't Buy Me Love... There's just too many to mention! Hopefully The Goldbergs will be able to cover them all! Well, maybe not Johnny Be Goode. Let's celebrate some of the '80s flicks we've seen The Goldbergs honor with the videos below!

Erica Is Baby from Dirty Dancing

ABC Goes Back to the Future!

Trivial Pursuit was also big in the '80s, though not for everyone!

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