Beverly and Barry Become Supermodels

By Sharon Knolle | Dec 11th, 2014

How much does Beverly love Barry? More than any mother has ever loved any son, she tells unscrupulous "talent agent" John Calabasas (guest star Rob Huebel), who capitalizes on her all-smothering love and Barry's ego to convince them both they can be supermodels in the Season 2, Episode 9, "The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet" of The Goldbergs.

First, Calabasas approaches Barry at the mall and pretends to recognize him from "the Gucci show in Milan, Italy."

Barry Goldberg, Supermodel|Barry is told he should be a model by a scout at the mall.|Barry (Troy Gentile) is told he should be a supermodel at the mall by a questionable "talent scout." From The Goldbergs Episode 209 "The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet" ABC WEDNESDAYS 8:30|7:30c.


Not only is mom on board for Barry's fashion career, but when she gets in front of the camera too, Calabasas tells her there's a lot of demand for "mother-son modeling teams." Too bad Barry doesn't want to share the cover of Vogue with mom. 

I Can Make You a Model Too, Mom|At Barry's modeling session, Beverly is told she can be a model too.|At Barry (Troy Gentile)'s modeling session, "professional model finder" John Calabasas (Rob Huebel) tells Beverly (Wendi McClendon-Covey) he gets a lot of demand for "mother-son teams." From Season 2, Episode 9 of The Goldbergs, "The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet." ABC WEDNESDAYS 8:30|7:30c.



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