When It Comes to Love, Parents Just Don't Understand

By Sharon Knolle | Feb 12th, 2015

In Season 2, Episode 12 of The Goldbergs, "Cowboy Country," both Barry (Troy Gentile) and Adam (Sean Giambroneencounter major flak from their parents in pursuing the girl of their dreams. In the end, however, Murray (Jeff Garlin) and Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) come through in a big way for their boys. 

Adam wants to show Dana (Natalie Alyn Lind) that he's better boyfriend material than the more manly guys at school who are always hitting on her. Convinced by Pops (George Segal) and big sister Erica (Hayley Orrantia) that he's got to "go big" to keep Dana, he gives her his grandmother's ring. Once Beverly realizes it's gone, she heads straight to school to get it back, causing a scene that only makes Adam look like even more of a loser. 

Adam Gives Dana a Ring, Beverly Takes It Back|Adam is desperate to impress Dana, Mom is desperate to stop him.|Adam (Sean Giambrone) is desperate to impress his girlfriend Dana (Natalie Alyn Lind) after an older boy invites her to a party, so he gives her his nana's ring. Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) rushes to school to demand he give it back, embarrassing him completely. From Season 2, Episode 12 of The Goldbergs, "Cowboy Country." ABC WEDNESDAYS 8:30|7:30c


Meanwhile, Barry's path to true love with Lainey (AJ Michalka) looks smooth: As long as her dad (guest star David Koechner) approves of Barry's dad, all is well, so the two agree that having the dads meet over a football game would be the optimal setting. Murray, however, refuses to watch the biggest game of the year away from home. He'd have to put on pants!

Sneak Peek: Barry Hulks Out|Barry loses it when his dad refuses to meet Lainey's dad.|Barry (Troy Gentile) threatens to hulk out on Murray when he won't agree to watch the biggest football game of the year with Lainey (AJ Michalka)'s dad. Barry's entire relationship depends on getting her dad's approval, but Murray makes it clear football is more important than his son's love life. From Season 2, Episode 12 of The Goldbergs, "Cowboy Country." ABC WEDNESDAYS 8:30|7:30c


Murray finally agrees to make the sacrifice and watch the game over at Lainey's. He and Lainey's dad hit it off right away: Until Murray realizes that he's now in "Cowboy Country," since her dad is a diehard Cowboys fan! He tries to conceal the fact that he's rooting for the Eagles but when his team scores, his true colors come out. As the two dads scream insults at each other, Barry and Lainey realize their relationship is doomed.

Barry and Lainey's Dads Hate Each Other|A football game has Murray and Lainey's dad at each other's throats.|Murray (Jeff Garlin) reluctantly agrees to watch a football game with Lainey's dad (David Koechner) and conceal his love of the Eagles, but he can't restrain himself when his team makes a touchdown. Soon the dads are at each other's throats and Barry and Lainey (AJ Michalka)'s relationship looks doomed. From Season 2, Episode 12 of The Goldbergs, "Cowboy Country." ABC WEDNESDAYS 8:30|7:30c


Once Murray learns just how much Lainey means to Barry, he goes over to apologize to Lainey's dad. But when part of the apology means saying, "The Cowboys are America's team," Barry just can't let his dad be humiliated like that. Luckily for him, once Lainey's dad orders her to never see Barry again, she finds their "forbidden" romance even hotter!

Barry Chooses His Dad Over Lainey|Barry stops Murray from being humiliated by Lainey's dad.|When Murray (Jeff Garlin) realizes how much Lainey (AJ Michalka) means to Barry (Troy Gentile), he goes to apologize to Lainey's dad (David Koechner). Her dad won't let Lainey see Barry unless Murray admits that the Cowboys are better than the Eagles. Barry realizes he can't let his dad humiliate himself, even if it means losing Lainey. From Season 2, Episode 12 of The Goldbergs, "Cowboy Country." ABC WEDNESDAYS 8:30|7:30c


Adam sneaks out of the house to attend a party where all the cool kids, including Dana, will be, even though he's been grounded and Beverly has forbidden him from seeing Dana again. His attempt to impress her and all the older kids backfires horribly. A furious Beverly is prepared to ground him until he's 21, until she finds her little boy crying. She drives him over to Dana's, where Dana reassures Adam he doesn't have to pretend to be a big shot with her: She likes him just the way he is.

Beverly Takes It Easy on Adam|After a rough night, Adam gets some surprising support from his mom.|After Adam (Sean Giambrone) defies Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) by attending a party with Dana (Natalie Alyn Lind), she is furious. But when she finds him in tears, she doesn't have the heart to be tough on him. From Season 2, Episode 12 of The Goldbergs, "Cowboy Country." ABC WEDNESDAYS 8:30|7:30c


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