The Goldbergs' Top 7 Ferris Bueller Moments

By Sharon Knolle | Feb 26th, 2015

In "Barry Goldberg's Day Off," Barry (Troy Gentile) and Adam (Sean Giambrone) pay homage to their favorite movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off by ditching school and trying to do everything Ferris does. Nothing goes according to plan but they still have a pretty awesome day. 
1. The Shower Monologue
Adam argues he's the Ferris because he's cooler -- and he's in the shower with his hair soaped up in a mohawk just like Matthew Broderick. Barry insists he's the Ferris, but he is wearing a hockey jersey, so maybe that makes him the Cameron. 


2. "Life Moves Pretty Fast" 

When Barry doesn't get elected to the homecoming court, but his girlfriend Lainey (AJ Michalka) does, he decides it's time to take a day off, just like Ferris Bueller. Too bad he's addressing some band geeks, not a camera, when he makes his announcement. 


3. Faking Out The Parents

Following Ferris's playbook, Barry convinces Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) that he's sick (the trick is clammy hands). Of course Erica (Hayley Orrantia) knows he's faking it: She is his bossy sister, after all, just like Jennifer Grey. 


4. Barry Borrows a Sweet Ride

Okay, it's not a Ferrari, but Pops (George Segal)'s red Firebird will do just fine for a day on the town. But Lainey is horrified by the "dead grandmother" ruse and refuses to skip school. Barry is left with Adam and Pops, who -- just like Ferris -- hit up the museum and the ballpark, although nothing goes according to script.


5. Abe Froman

You can't have a Ferris Bueller day without going to a fancy restaurant. Barry introduces himself as Abe Froman, "The Cheesesteak King of Philadelphia," leaving Adam to declare that he is "Gabe Froman, the Soft Pretzel Emperor." Unfortunately, the maître d' isn't sufficiently snooty and that valet... wasn't really a valet. 

6. Charlie Sheen Cameo!

When Erica goes to the police station to report Pops's car as stolen, there's already someone there: Charlie Sheen, whose opening line is (of course): "Drugs?" It's a line that only gets funnier with time, as is his parting line, "Feels like I've been sittin' here for 30 @#%!& years." 


7. "Twist and Shout"

Barry's day as Ferris has been a bust: He's grounded, he's pissed off Lainey and he got Pops's car stolen. But there's still a way to wow the crowd with a little Beatles cover, as well as win back Lainey, Erica and his mom. Adam concedes that Barry really is Ferris, but realizes he doesn't want to be Ferris anymore: He wants to be John Hughes. 

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