MINI-BINGE: Catch Up on the First Episodes of the Season!

By Derek Wong | Oct 24th, 2014

Are you all caught up on Season 2 of The Goldbergs?  The first episodes of the sophomore season are now avilable to watch.  Now you can see who received Adam's first mix tape, Beverly leading a school musical and Murray creating original vows for Beverly.

The first five episodes are available to watch (no sign-in requried!) through the end of WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2014.  Visit The Goldbergs episode guide to start watching now!  Here's the list of episodes that you can watch.

WATCH NOW: Episode 1 - Love is a Mix Tape»
After spending the summer apart with Dana and unsure of their relationship, Adam (Sean Giambrone) makes a mix tape to express his feelings...only to have it intercepted by Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) who thinks it’s meant for her! Adam must carefully navigate not hurting Beverly’s feelings as his relationship with Dana progresses. Meanwhile, Barry (Troy Gentile) gets a fake ID, but after showing it off to the entire school, it’s confiscated, and Barry needs to make good on some promises he made to his classmates.

Preview "Love is a Mix Tape":

Sneak Peek: The Mix Tape|Preview Adam creating a mix tape on the next episode of The Goldbergs|Adam creates his first mix tape but forgets to keep it away from his mom. Watch this preview from the Season 2 episode "Love is a Mix Tape" and don't miss all-new episodes of The Goldbergs WEDNESDAYS 8:30|7:30c.


WATCH NOW: Episode 2 - Mama Drama»
Adam’s desire to be the lead in the school musical, "Jesus Christ Superstar," goes unfulfilled when he’s cast in something other than the leading role. Insistent her son is a star, Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) casts Adam (Sean Giambrone) in a rival show, but when he becomes too self-obsessed for the rest of the cast, Beverly makes a drastic decision. Meanwhile, Murray’s disdain for traffic results in leaving every sporting event early much to Barry’s dismay, including a Flyers game that ends with an unprecedented event. Actor and comedienne Ana Gasteyer guest stars.

Preview "Mama Drama"

Sneak Peek: Beverly Helps Adam Choose a Part in the School Musical|Preview Beverly advising Adam on the next episode of The Goldbergs|Beverly helps Adam decide which part he should audtion for in the school play. Watch this preview from the Season 2 episode "Mama Drama" and don't miss all-new episodes of The Goldbergs WEDNESDAYS 8:30|7:30c.


WATCH NOW: Episode 3 - The Facts of Bleeping Life»
With Prince Charles and Lady Di’s wedding approaching, Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey)gets the idea for her and Murray to renew their vows. But with Murray’s complete lack of interest, will Beverly lose her chance at a second wedding? Meanwhile, Barry (Troy Gentile) hopes his and Adam’s garage band will get Erica’s best friend, Lainey, to notice him again.

Preview "The Facts of Bleeping Life"

Sneak Peek: Beverly Wants to Renew Her Vows with Murray|How did you make tears so fast?|After seeing Prince Charles and Lady Di's impending nuptials, Beverly wants a vow renewal. She's not afraid to use tears to convince Murray on The Goldbergs episode "The Facts of Bleeping Life." Catch all-new episodes of The Goldbergs TUESDAYS 8:30|7:30c.


WATCH NOW: Episode 4 - Shall We Play a Game?»
Adam (Sean Giambrone) inadvertently gets Barry (Troy Gentile) kicked out of the cool group (Jenkintown Posse) of friends at school and must come up with a plan to get his brother back in. Adam convinces Barry and his friends he has the skills to hack into the school computer system to change their grades, but does he? Later, Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) is immediately jealous when she learns Erica (Hayley Orrantia) hangs out with a friend’s cooler mom and sets out to show Erica she can be cool too.

Preview "Shall We Play a Game?":


WATCH NOW: Episode 5 - Family Takes Care of Beverly»
When Pops accidentally starts a fire in his apartment during a Halloween party, he's evicted and Beverly invites him to move into the Goldbergs' home. Pops' wild lifestyle is soon too much for the family to handle and they decide to look into other options.  Meanwhile, Barry stops Erica from eating Pop Rocks candy with soda, since according to urban legend, the combination would kill her. Since he "saves" her, Barry wants something in return from Erica.

Preview "Family Takes Care of Beverly":

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