S2 E05 Chocolate Week

12/22/16 | PG | CC

A celebration of chocolate! As one of Johnny Iuzzini's passions and specialties, the pressure is on to impress both Mary and Johnny. For their very first Signature Bake, the bakers are tasked with creating a dozen molten lava cakes where mere minutes in the oven can result in a cake whose center flows like hot magna or has no ooey-gooeyness at all. Next is the Technical Challenge, where Johnny gives the bakers one of the most difficult challenges to date, tasking them to create a perfect assortment of delicious and decadent truffles. Finally, for their Showstopper Challenge, it's a naked, layered mousse cake full of soft, silky layers of flavorful mousse, built upon a baked foundation and topped with elaborate chocolate decorations. In the end, not everyone's desserts will rise to the occasion, and another baker will be eliminated from the competition.

With only three bakers continuing on to the semifinals, the slightest difference will be the factor in who stays and who goes home.

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