Axl Heck

Played by Charlie McDermott
Character Biography

Axl, the oldest son of Frankie and Mike Heck, was conceived during what might be remembered as the Guns N' Roses period in the Heck household. He might be a typical teenage jock who eats his mom and dad out of house and home, but do you know many teenage boys who like walking around the house in their underwear? Yeah, neither do we. 

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Actor Biography

Born in 1990 outside Philadelphia, Charlie McDermott is a working actor, writer and director. Known best for his work as Axl Heck on the long-running ABC sitcom The Middle, he has been working steadily in the world of television for years, including a small guest spot on The Office to guest-starring roles on Medium and Private Practice, along with several starring roles in television films for Lifetime (2010's Bond of Silence) and The Hallmark Channel.

An independent feature film he co-wrote, directed, produced and stared in at age 22, entitled ImagiGARY, was released online in late 2015. His work in film ranges from heavy dramas, such as the two-time Oscar-nominated and Grand Jury Prize-winning Sundance Hit Frozen River, which earned him a Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor, to goofy comedies such as Sex Drive, Hot Tub Time Machine and the David Wain cult comedy The Ten, opposite Liev Schreiber. In 2006, he starred opposite Kris Kristofferson in the independent film Disappearances

His first appearance in film was alongside William Hurt, Joaquin Phoenix, Bryce Dallas Howard, Adrien Brody and Sigourney Weaver in the M. Night Shyamalan film The Village.

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