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Forget about athletes, movie stars and politicians. Parents are the real heroes—but we think Frankie Heck, must be some kind of superhero. A loving wife and mother of three, she's middle class in the middle of the country and is rapidly approaching middle age.

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season 2

    S2 E1 Back To School

    Frankie comes up with a plan to stay on top of her kids' schedules; Brick's new teacher (Doris Roberts) accuses Frankie of being overprotective.

    09/21/10Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E2 Homecoming

    Mike and Frankie must decide whether to attend Axl's football game or Sue's first cross-country meet; Mike makes Brick rake the leaves.

    09/28/10Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E3 The Diaper Incident

    A store clerk makes an assumption that leaves Frankie feeling humiliated; Sue falls for one of Axl's friends; Brick tests urban legends.

    10/05/10Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E4 The Quarry

    Mike tries to teach Axl a lesson after he is suspended from school; Brick is baffled by his own magic trick.

    10/12/10Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E5 Foreign Exchange

    Frankie convinces the family to host a Japanese foreign exchange student.

    10/19/10Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E6 Halloween

    Frankie is excited about being invited to a neighborhood Halloween party.

    10/26/10Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E7 A Birthday Story

    On his ninth birthday, Brick wants to hear the true story about the day he was born.

    11/02/10Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E8 Errand Boy

    Brick pleads with Frankie to leave him home alone when she runs errands.

    11/16/10Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E9 Thanksgiving II

    Mike reluctantly invites his brother and father over for Thanksgiving.

    11/23/10Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E10 A Simple Christmas

    Frankie's holiday plans are threatened when her parents come to stay with the family.

    12/07/10Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E11 Taking Back The House

    Axl, Sue and Brick resist when Mike and Frankie try to regain control of the household.

    01/04/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E12 The Big Chill

    Mike gets mad at Frankie when she unwittingly pays $200 for eye cream; Axl cares for a mechanical infant for health class.

    01/11/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E13 Super Sunday

    In preparation for the upcoming Super Bowl, Brick studies football; Mr. Ehlert asks Frankie to accompany him to a managerial seminar.

    01/18/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E14 Valentine's Day II

    Frankie is happy when Axl asks her to help him choose a present for his mysterious new girlfriend; Mike accidentally embarrasses Brick; Sue tries to find the guy she kissed during a hayride.

    02/08/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E15 Friends Lies And Videotape

    Frankie intends to find a suitable friend for Brick; Sue sneaks into an R-rated movie with her friend Carly; Axl and his band covertly shoot footage of their biology teacher (Kristin Cavallari) for their music video.

    02/15/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E16 Hecks On A Plane

    Everything that can go wrong does when the Heck family embarks on a trip to New York.

    02/22/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E17 The Math Class

    Ms. Rinsky (Doris Roberts) asks Frankie and Mike to attend a math class after Frankie questions her teaching skills; Sue and Axl consider helping their aunt find a time capsule she buried.

    03/01/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E18 Spring Cleaning

    The Hecks spend spring break trying to clean out the house; Brick opens an information stand where he sells advice for a dollar.

    03/22/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E19 The Legacy

    Mike's motives are questioned when he punishes Axl by forbidding him to play in the last school basketball game of the season; Sue wins a trophy; Brick has to wear his cousin's clothes.

    04/12/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E19 The Legacy

    Mike's motives are questioned when he punishes Axl by forbidding him to play in the last school basketball game of the season; Sue wins a trophy; Brick has to wear his cousin's clothes.

    04/12/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E20 Royal Wedding

    Frankie becomes obsessed with the upcoming royal wedding; Brick helps Sue when she decides to try out for the school's news team; Mike has to make cutbacks at the quarry.

    04/19/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E21 Mother's Day II

    Things don't go as planned when Mike and the kids give Frankie a day without the family as a Mother's Day gift.

    05/03/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E22 The Prom

    Axl invites the wrong girl to the prom, then decides to stand her up; Sue tries to fit in with the school's B crowd; Brick bores Frankie and Mike with his one-man plays.

    05/10/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E23 The Bridge

    Frankie and Mike try to get Brick over his fear of crossing bridges; Axl competes against his nemesis for a job; Sue has trouble choosing a bathing suit.

    05/17/11Season 2TV-PG
    S2 E24 Back To Summer

    Brick must write a daily journal for school or risk being held back; Axl has time left in his community service requirement; Sue must prove she had perfect attendance.

    05/24/11Season 2TV-PG