S3 E14 Valentine's Day III

02/07/12 | TV-PG | CC

Frankie and Mike have big plans for Valentine's Day. They'll eat a bucket of takeout chicken in their sweats while watching TV in separate rooms. How romantic! Plans change, however, after Frankie meets up with some friends at the market. They decide to go out on a group date at the Fountain Room. It's a restaurant with a room with a fountain in it. Sounds nice.

Everyone is have a grand old time at the group dinner. Then a woman comes around asking all the men if they'd like to buy a rose for their sweethearts. All of the ladies are grateful for the romantic gesture. Well, almost all of them. Mike opts to forgo the idea of giving Frankie a rose. This makes things rather thorny at home.

Axl must do a report on a life-changing event. He recalls the time a girl once rejected his request for a date. This incident had him questioning his own inherent hotness. It's not exactly A-plus material, so he videotapes Brick as he pretends to have an incurable disease. The daily care he must give to his little brother is, well, life-changing. Yeah, that's not gonna work either.

Sue is jazzed to have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Wrestling Matt wants to take her to an Italian restaurant for dinner. That's the good news. The bad news is that Sue believes her boyfriend has suddenly become the world's worst kisser. That's because he keeps sticking his tongue in her mouth. This technique is totally foreign to Sue.

Frankie explains that some people actually enjoy French kissing. Not Sue. She's an American girl who is not ready to kiss on an international level. This is actually a relief to Matt, who had been ripping his tongue to shreds on her braces. On the bright side, it kept him from eating so he made his weight for wrestling this week.

Axl isn't the only one with a school assignment. Brick needs to write a school paper on love. It's an eloquent little essay that points out all the little things his parents do for each other. That's what love is all about for him. Frankie and Mike realize that's what it's all about for them, too. As for Axl, he realizes he can rip off his little brother's paper for his own report. How romantic!

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