S3 E16 The Sit Down

02/21/12 | TV-PG | CC

Things are very hectic at the Heck house. We know, we know. That's not exactly a newsflash. But this time it's different. Okay, it's not really different. It's just gotten to be too much. For the kids, that is. Axl, Sue and Brick have a sit down talk with Frankie and Mike. They feel she's always nagging and he's always imposing outrageous punishments. This unnecessary discord must cease.

Frankie and Mike are stunned to be on the receiving end of a lecture. They were planning on having a sit down with the kids, who are now standing before them lobbying for independence. No problem. Frankie and Mike decide to let their children fend for themselves. The deal is off if they can't handle responsibility though.

Frankie and Mike are amazed by the non-incompetence their children display. Axl is doing homework. Sue is navigating her busy schedule flawlessly. And Brick finally remembers to bring home the coffeemaker Frankie loaned to school. Now she can return it to her office. With some newfound free time on their hands, Frankie and Mike start enjoying life to the fullest. Yes, they go bowling!

The kids love that their parents aren't around so much. Their freedom is threatened when Sue realizes she lost her jacket. Such an irresponsible act could negate the terms of their deal. She needs help from Axl, who needs help from Brick as far as learning the story behind Of Mice and Men for school. It's not really about mice, you know.


The search for the missing jacket leads the kids to the home of Sue's friend Weird Ashley. She's the girl Axl reluctantly took to the prom. Weird Ashley still has a big crush on the Ax-Man. Somehow she tricks him into asking to prom again. She'll let him know what color cape she'll be wearing later.

Sue's coat was at home all along under a pile of Axl's dirty clothes. A moth flies out from all the filthy laundry to make its way into Brick's ear. Not good. In other news, Frankie and Mike are chugging beers, bowling strikes and loving life. Another couple wants to know their secret. That's simple. Give the kids their independence. This works brilliantly right up until you get a phone call saying your youngest son is in the emergency room.

The doctor at the hospital removes the moth from Brick's ear. He also finds a Monopoly piece that's probably been in there for a few months. This turn of events leads to another big argument. It forces the ER doctor to have a sit down chat with the entire family because those things always work, right?

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