S3 E19 Get Your Business Done

04/10/12 | TV-PG | CC

The entire Heck family attends church every Sunday, but Frankie is the only one forced to sit through the endless sermons of Reverend Hayver. Family friend Dave suggests they check out his church. The place rocks with energy and the pastor is a truly inspiring fellow. After a parishioner passes away, he motivates everyone to get their business done. This includes the Hecks.

Frankie wants the family get its business done. Sue believes her business is an actual business, as in babysitting. She calls it "Sue's BabySUEtting Service." Brick feels his business is getting himself a new bed. Axl helps so he can take care of the business of spending time with his brother. Mike calls his dad to say thanks for being there for him after his mom died. Just like that, his business is done.

Sue's first babysitting gig involves watching a little tyke named Tyler. Actually, the kid is 14 years old. His parents just can't leave him alone, as the boy is prone to freaking out. He has a variety of triggers. That's why Sue must lead Tyler to believe that he's the one babysitting her. Oh, and she must also get him to put on his pull-ups before bed. Just don't call them diapers. Mike must intervene when Tyler puts the moves on Sue. As you may have guessed, this causes the kid to totally freak out.

Axl cons Brick into using the new bed money to purchase of a multi-faceted activity table. He crushes his little brother in 9 out of 10 games, but Brick is a beast when it comes to air hockey. Axl can't stop any of his shots. It causes him great unrest. As for Brick, his great unrest stems from the fact that he must use the game table's box for a bed. Things change after Axl caves to his little brother's demands to give him an air hockey rematch. A short time later, Brick wins some blissful slumber time in his big bro's bed.


Frankie initially believes her business involves the craft of beading. This doesn't last long. Frankie then believes her business involves helping other people and stray animals. She wants to build the world's first super shelter for orphans, the elderly and strays. Frankie wonders why no one has ever thought of this before. Then she starts wondering why she thought of it now.

Frankie's thoughts run wild as she tries to figure out her business. She rushes out to the drug store to gather items to create first-aid kits for soldiers. She's completely amped, so the clerk suggests she check her blood pressure. That's a mistake. Frankie's BP is through the roof. It soars even higher once she realizes her arm is stuck in the machine.

As the BP machine continues to beep, Frankie continues to freak. She's finally saved by some divine intervention. Well, not really. But the always snooze-worthy Reverend Hayver does swing by to bore Frankie with an impromptu sermon. Soon her blood pressure dips to the point where she's free from the machine. Frankie realizes those boring Sunday sermons are just what a busy mother of three needs for a break. You could say that attending them is how she gets her business done.

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