S3 E04 The Test

10/11/11 | TV-PG | CC

The PSATs are right around the corner and Axl hasn't studied a lick. He never heard the school's offers for practice tests during the morning announcements because, well, that's his texting time. Frankie worries that a poor showing on the PSATs will really hurt Axl's chances of getting into college. She wants him to buckle down and hit the books. This way he can fulfill all his dreams. Unfortunately, most of Axl's dreams involve a jam session with a flying dragon.

Axl reluctantly accepts a practice PSAT guide from his mom. Frankie is pleased to see him sitting at his desk hard at work. Unfortunately, he's hard at work trying to design an album cover for his band. Frankie goes ballistic. She screams that Axl is throwing his life away. After the blowup, Frankie feels like all the stress has left her body. Unfortunately, it all went into Axl's.

Axl bombs his PSAT exam. Frankie tries to console him by saying he'll do better on the real test. Of course, Axl thought this was the real test! Later, a recruiter for a local college approaches Mike and Frankie during one of Axl's football games. He wants them to give him a call once their son starts looking at colleges. Believe it or not, the school's mascot is a dragon. Dreams really do come true.

Sue is trying out for cheerleading. No, really! The others girls are quite good. Those who make the squad will be notified by phone by six o'clock. No call means no cheerleading. Sue gathers all the phones in the house so there's no chance anyone will be on the line. RING! Believe it or not, Sue gets the call. She's a cheerleader! Feel free to let out a Sue Heck scream of delight right about now.


Sue learns that there was a mix-up. The call informing her that she made the cheerleading squad was made in error. The two head cheerleaders say she has to step down. That's not gonna happen. Sue will not go quietly unless a few demands are met. She's allowed to keep the uniform and she gets to cheer at one game. The girl's a modern-day Rudy!

Brick is being bullied at school. He's been getting dumped head-first into a trashcan. Brick doesn't mind. He knows how to get himself out and he found a half of a banana in there to satisfy his appetite. Even though Brick doesn't mind the abuse, Mike does. He wants to teach his son to stand up for himself.

Brick believes most bullies walk away once they feel they've won. Mike's not buying it. He engages in a series of exercises to get his boy to fight back. Nothing works. Mike keeps pushing until Brick finally lashes out He wants his dad to stop forcing him to try to be tough. Mike is happy that Brick finally fought back. He walks away happy, which is just what Brick said would happen once a bully feels he's won. Mike realizes he's been played. On the bright side, he now knows that his youngest son is a genius.

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