S4 E01 Last Whiff of Summer

09/26/12 | PG | CC

The Start of Summer:
It’s June and Frankie wants the Heck family to have a wonderful summer outdoors away from all electronic devices. The entire family takes in a drive-in movie. This little adventure has an upset Sue believing that Axl is Mike’s favorite child.

Memorable Quotes:

Frankie (describing the drive-in theater):  “Imagine a giant iPhone that you can drive into.” 

Sue (explaining Brick's nickname):  “I called you ‘oops’ until you were three.” 


Axl, Sue and Brick find ways to keep themselves busy over the summer.

-       Brick nourishes a tomato plant he found in his backpack.
-       Axl flunked English so he’s off to summer school.
-       Sue is determined to become Mike’s favorite child and make it the “Summer of Sue and Dad!” 

Memorable Quotes:

Axl (explaining his english class and grade): “That shouldn’t be a requirement I’ve been speaking it like half my life” – 


4th of July:
By the Fourth of July, Axl is tired of summer school. Sue is still trying to connect with her dad. Frankie finds out Mike is favored more than her even after pleading her case to the kids. She bottoms out when they learn why no other families are at the park to watch fireworks. See, there are no fireworks at that particular park.

Memorable Quotes:

Sue (after Brick tells her she's trying to hard with Dad):  “I think the collage I made of us making a collage would beg to differ” 

Mike:  “So you’re not their favorite parent. You’re a solid second place” 

The Score:
Frankie tries to become her kids’ favorite. Brick says the score is 32 to 10 in favor of Mike. Brick convinces his mom that her best shot may be taking him to the county fair for the tomato contest.

Memorable Quotes:

Frankie (on why Mike is favored more than her):  “It’s because he’s tall and people love tall people. I’ve seen the statistics” 


The Fair:
The Heck family arrives at the County Fair. Axl finds a spot to park in the demolition derby where Brick’s prized tomato is destroyed along with Axl’s car. While his car is being towed away, Axl remembers that his final summer school paper is still in the car.  The whole Heck family is in pursuit of the vehicle except for Sue, who believes the only way to get attention is by getting lost. The Heck family ends up at the lost and found, where Sue is waiting even though no one realized she was gone.


The Heck family is on the way back to the car when everything blows up. Mike wants Axl to be more responsible and is fully aware of Frankie’s ploy to gain twenty points from the kids. All is well when they watch their much-deserved fireworks show.

Memorable Quotes:

Frankie:  “Of all our summers, that one may have been our favorite, not that I have any favorites.” 

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