S4 E11 One Kid at a Time

01/16/13 | PG | CC

After a long car ride that includes picking up each of the kids and choosing a restaurant for dinner, Mike and Frankie decide to divide up their time and give each of their kids a full day of attention.


Story 1:  Axl’s Time
Axl is the first one to receive his parents’ full and undivided attention.  He chooses to go paintballing.

Memorable Quotes:
After learning about his parents’ plan
Axl:  “Can I invite a friend so I can have someone to talk to?

When Frankie complains the paintball experience is not how she wanted to spend time with Axl
Mike:  “Hey our teenage son is having a good time with us, his parents.  You know how rare that is?  It’s like finding oil in your backyard.”

Story 2: Sue’s Time
Sue plans an entire day of activities from start to finish.

Memorable Quotes:
Sue: “This is supposed to be my special day”
Frankie: That’s the thing about special.  If you overload on special, it’s not as special”

While Sue goes to try on Frankie’s senior prom dress
Mike: I’m going to the kitchen and going to pour myself a big glass of excitement.  Do you want anything?
Frankie: “Yeah I want my excitement on the rocks.”


Story 3: Brick’s Scraps
Brick wants to go to the city for a convention but keeps getting the short-end of the stick because his

Memorable Quotes:
Brick revealing what that he’d like to go to the Planet Nowhere convention in Indianapolis.
Mike:  “Oh come on Brick no.  It’s a long drive to Indianapolis.”
Brick: “Perfect it would give me enough time to fill you in on the series”

Brick:“You yell at Axl and Sue.  Once in a while, it would be nice to know you care enough to yell at me too”
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