S4 E12 The Friend

01/23/13 | PG | CC
Story 1:
Frankie wants Mike to become more social and asks the new neighbor to hangout with Mike.

Frankie: The mood over there (the neighbor’s house) was light and there were these guys  watching the game and they were all fun and festive
Mike: You didn’t invite them over did you?
Frankie: No Mike I didn’t invite anybody over.
Mike: That a girl

Mike: Did you ask Jeff to hang out with me?
Frankie: What? No.  I mean I ran into him outside when I got the mail.
Mike: That’s a yes.  That’s a Frankie yes.

Mike: Are you out of your mind?
Frankie: Mike, who cares?  If you had a good time, why does it matter how you and Jeff got together?
Mike: Because I’m a grown man…your wife doesn’t call other grown men and ask them to take you out.   It’s weird.

Story 2:
When the cheerleaders decide to have a Pep Rally for the wrestling team, Sue must stand her ground with the Wrestlerettes.

After cheerleaders start discussing if they should use the wrestlerettes as a name.
Sue:  No you can’t use it.  I came up with it last year when I founded wrestlerettes.

Story 3:
Axl wants his relationship with Cassidy to grow and asks for Brick’s help.

Brick:  Do you ever worry that Cassidy might get bored with you if you don’t share the keys to a lasting relationship?  Such as friendship and intellectual stimulation

Axl:  I need you to teach me stuff so I can talk to people.
Brick: It’s Cassidy isn’t it.  You’re feeling intellectually inferior.
Axl: No…if you must know I feel she’s smarter than me

Axl trying to impress Cassidy with his new knowledge.
Axl:  Art is awesome.  Oh like what you’re doing.  It sort of reminds me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, which he actually painted from memory during the day.  Did you know Van Gogh did his most famous paintings the last two years of his life…Also To Kill a Mockingbird is a significant book.

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