S4 E13 The Smile

02/06/13 | PG | CC

Story 1:

Mike and Frankie are nervous about Axl’s acceptance letter to College.


Frankie: You know that lady in my class.  Her sister got accepted to East Indiana today.

Mike:  Crap well…let’s just agree whatever happens...he’s not living in our house next year.


Frankie:  “I can’t believe they switched our mailman.  What are they worried about?  They’re the ones that go postal.”


Axl:  “Yes!  I’m in. Oh My God!  I just got an official email from East Indiana State.  It’s official.  I’m in.  Oh my God.  I’m out of here.  So long suckers.  East Indiana State Freshman Rule! “


Story 2:

Sue conducts an experiment for her science class to see if smiling is contagious.


Sue:  How would you like to be the first subject in my science experiment?

Brad: Are you kidding?  I’d be honored.  But I should warn you I can’t tolerate needles or tickling.


Sue:  The purpose of this project is to prove that one individual smiles, it will ilicit a similar smile from another human.  Thereby, decreasing levels of worldwide unhappiness.


Story 3:

Brick wants an iPad.


Brick: Dad could you please get me an iPad?

Mike:  I’m heating up my coffee with a hair dryer.  What do you think?


Brick:  If I get lost going to school and need directions.  There’s an app for that.

Mike:  Why are we still talking about this?  Go away.


Frankie:  You can stop dusting Brick.  You’re not getting an iPad.

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