S4 E16 Winners and Losers

02/20/13 | PG | CC

Story One:

Frankie is nervous about Brick’s field trip to Chicago.


Memorable Quotes:

Frankie: “I just don’t feel comfortable letting you go.”
“Look mom, I understand you’re nervous but I read books and in every one the parents are always nervous about the hero before he goes off on this great adventure.  But he always goes and he’s scared but he faces the challenge and ultimately triumphs.”

Frankie: “Well I watch TV and in all the crime shows the little kids die.”


Frankie: Look Brick is kind of special and not the kind you slap a bumper sticker on your car to brag about.


Frankie:  “I just can’t stop thinking he’s in some kind of danger.”

Mike:  “Frankie, listen to me.  He was fun while we had him.”

Frankie:  “Mike stop doing that!”


Story Two:

Sue needs to find out if Darrin has feelings for her.


Memorable Quotes:

Sue:  “Whenever there are mirror balls, people do crazy things.  But what if he likes me but he doesn’t know that I like him and that’s why he’s being so weird.”


Darrin: “Hey I wrote a song.  It’s called Betsy, not her real name”


Axl:  “You are not allowed.  You are not allowed to date my sister.  I forbid it.”

Darrin:  “But I really like her.”

Axl: “Well…Fine I’m going to date your mom.  HAHA”

Darrin:  “Well you better get in there because she just met a guy on Christian mingle.”


Mike:  “If you’re going to go out with Sue…when you’re with her, I want you to picture my face.”

Darrin:  “No offense sir but that’s kind of a mood killer.  I really like her sir and I will treat her with the utmost respect.  And I would never do anything to hurt her.”

Mike: “Ugh, I guess so…fine.”

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