S4 E19 The Bachelor

04/03/13 | PG | CC

Story 1: Frankie is having trouble coping with The Bachelor’s final choice.

Memorable Quotes:

The TV:  “Kendall”

Frankie:  “Suck it you’re gone.”

The TV: “Will you marry me?”

Frankie:  “What?? No!!!  It’s Alyssa you dummy not Kendall.  Can’t you see you picked the wrong girl?!?!?”



Mike:  “Really?”

Frankie:  “I know.  I know.  I’m being ridiculous.  It’s a stupid TV show but I just can’t shake it…”



Story 2: Sue joins the tennis team and Mike decides to help her train.

Memorable Quotes:

Frankie:  “You made the tennis team?”

Sue:  “Well I didn’t make it per say…the coach thought I was on the team.  I tried to tell him that I wasn’t but then he realized that he didn’t have enough players so without me they would’ve lost the match.”

Mike:  So you won?

Sue:  Oh god no!


Sue: Bounce.  Hit! *swings raquet*

Mike:  “Wowww.  Sue I’ve got to say you’re not totally horrible at this.

Sue:  “Well Dad…stop you’re embarrassing me”



Story 3: Axl works out his relationship issues with Cassidy.

Memorable Quotes:

Axl: “Sup”

Cassidy:  “Uhh, I don’t know Axl.  I’ve been calling and texting you for the past two days and you haven’t responded.  So when you ask me “sup”, I’m not sure how to answer that question.”



Cassidy:  “Sorry Axl.  I use words and I need to be with someone who can do that too.”

Axl:  “Well excuse me I didn’t realize that when we were dating that I signed a contract saying that I had to be exactly like you”

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